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2006 WRX Wagon Limited
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So I recently bought a 2006 WRX Limited wagon about a month ago for a really good deal, guy I bought it from only had it for 1,000 miles as he though the engine was shot, it was getting a miss fire code on 2 cylinders, and would not make power after 4k, but I took my chances. After hours of searching I found someone tried to do a gettho TGV delete and one side was partially closed. The top end of this engine is unbelievably clean for what I paid for it. While the intake manifold was off I compression tested and did a leak down on all cylinders, all was good. I than scoped out the cylinders and found that it has aftermarket pistons, so it looks like the engine was built. After correcting the TGV delete my problem is gone. Car runs amazing now. Shes even got STI control arms, lateriral links, bigger sway bars, custom tune, and more but that really isnt the point of this post.

The only other issue ive had is a wheel bearing and my alignment, my steering wheel is about 30 degrees to the left when going straight. So I decided to replace the wheel bearing before going for an alignment. When replacing the wheel bearing, I broke the lateral link bolt so I had to burn it out and replace the bushings that are in the lateral arms, no real problem there, after getting the old bearing out I noticed the bearing race was spinning in the knuckle so I found a 2005 WRX (not limited) with a blown engine and tranny but that was in good cosmetic shape at a junk yard and got a used knuckle. (I checked part numbers and both knuckles are the same) Installed that along with a new bearing and hub. Went to put the caliber on and realized that the F**ing backing plates were different so I had to pull the bearing again and swap the backing plates. Put it all back together and the wheel was tight again. What a PITA.

Now for my real question:

So now that my wheel bearing was fixed, I took the car for an alignment. The tech said there were multiple problems, first at the front he was not able to move either tie rods, no big deal though I can replace those. But he said the right rear wheel (the one I was working on) is too far out of spec. It was reading a -2.1 degrees, while the other side is at like a -.81 degrees. Im not sure if this is related to me swapping knuckles as I dont know what the numbers were before. Im aware that the rear camber is not adjustable. So I got back under the car and checked again for any parts that looked bent. I could not find any. I was thinking maybe the struts? But those have been replaced idk when but they dont look bad. Im kind of at a loss here and with it being so far out of spec I dont think camber bolts are going to help much. Any thoughts on this? This tilted steering wheel is driving me crazy now. The car does have 170,xxx on it but like I said most of the suspension parts have been replaced by a previous owner.
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