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All information that you find below is can be found on Cobb's website.

The powerful tool to use in your quest for maximizing the potential of your WRX. The AccessPORT allows you the ability to upload pre-programmed maps to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) via the diagnosis port located below your steering wheel.

No Soldering No Wiring No Downtime

Stay up-to-date with the latest map revisions or find maps best suited for your modifications by simply downloading them from the Internet into you AccessPORT. The AccessPORT can easily grow and adapt with your needs.

Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, the AccessPORT is packed with the following features:

Ability to use AccessECU maps without removing ECU
10 Instantly Switchable Maps
Read and Clear Check Engine Lights
Download new maps via the Internet
Revert back to Stock programming

Due to limitations within the ECU's flash memory, one can only successfully reprogram it approximately 100 times. In response to this challenge, our engineers developed a LIMITLESS Map Switching system. This means you can switch between maps as often as you like quickly, easily, and without ever reducing the life of your ECU's flash memory.

Up to 10 different maps can be stored on the AccessPORT for Instant Map Switching. Some examples of these maps are:

Staged Performance Maps
Valet Mode
Race Mode
Economy Mode
Anti-Theft Mode
The possibilities are truly endless!

No Comparison
Direct reprogramming of the factory engine management system allows for unparalleled control and precision of tuning. Unlike "piggyback" systems that intercept the signals coming and going from the ECU, the AccessPORT is not limited by the parameters of the stock factory programming.

The AccessECU Technology
The AccessPORT relies on the powerful AccessECU technology to perform the task of reprogramming the factory ECU for high performance applications. By fully reverse engineering the factory ECU in-house, we are able to not only modify all the fuel, ignition timing, and boost maps but also re-engineer critical parts of the software for improved performance and consistency. Out unsurpassed understanding of the factory ECU allows us unlimited control and creativity to provide you the very best ECU programming available.


For the WRX

Map Database
The map database is where you can find the latest AccessPORT maps offered by COBB Tuning. To download a map, simply click on the link that corresponds to your vehicle and map type.

Base Map - Refers to any map that is flashed into the ECU.
Real Time - Refers to a Real Time switching map that can be used without flashing the ECU

It is possible to store both a Real Time and Base version of the same map on the AccessPORT at the same time. The Base will be used to flash the ECU. The Real Time version can be used to switch back in the event you've selected another Real Time map.

Please refer to your User's Guide if you have questions regarding map types and how to use the Map Management software to transfer these maps to your AccessPORT.

Improve performance without compromise. Even on stock vehicles, substainal gains can be realized without sacrificing reliability or driving quality. All without removing the ECU, soldering, or any extra boxes.

On a stock WRX gains of over 30HP can be extracted through careful programming of the ECU. Even more gains can be realized as the vehicle is additionally modified beyond the scope of what the ECU was originally programmed to support.

Stage 1 Power Package (260 HP)

The Subaru WRX came from the factory without a lot of ****** in its armor. There are a few things we have found that can make a formidable force even better without sacrificing emission quality or reliability.

This is where the COBB Stage 1 Power Package comes in the picture. Included in our Stage 1 Power package is our Stage 1 AccessECU software mapping for the factory ECU. With the sophisticated AccessECU technology, we are able to seamlessly improve the WRX's driving characteristics without negatively effecting reliability, emissions, or driveability. It will be just like it rolled off the showroom floor, only FASTER! Not only is full throttle much improved, but we subtaintially increase low-end torque and partial throttle response for an all-around better performing car.

Our Stage 1 Power Package includes the AccessPORT, a hand-held map transportation device. With it, you can simply load our Stage 1 software into your ECU and drive away. No need for downtime to ship your ECU to us. In addition to the extra power, the AccessPORT provides a host of other conveniences such as Anti-Theft mode, Valet mode, maps for various octane rates and more.

Acceleration Data:
0-60 mph : 4.9 seconds
1/4 mile : 13.9 @ 96 mph

Stage 2 Power Package (285 HP)

Tired of waiting for the turbo to respond when extra power is required? Tired of waiting through waves of hesitations before power delivery becomes smooth? Tired of waiting for world-class performance from the world-class WRX?

The wait is over.

Introducing the COBB Stage 2 Power Package. Designed specifically for WRX owner’s with more important things to do than wait for the performance they deserve.

With our Stage 2 Power Package, you'll enjoy the instant gratification of boost and a broad, flat torque curve that gives you consistent and smoother performance without sacrificing reliability or driving quality.

Our Stage 2 Power Package includes the AccessPORT, our revolutionary hand-held map transportation device, and our ultra-high quality stainless steel turbo-back exhaust system. This package is available with or without a catalytic converter. In testing, the addition of our unique high-flow metallic substrate catalytic converter did not reduce the peak performance of this package.

Acceleration Data:
0-60 mph : 4.6 seconds
1/4 mile : 13.4 @ 101.5 mph

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AccessPORT - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Common Questions:

Q. What is the AccessPORT?

A. AccessPORT is a portable programmer that is used to uploaded AccessECU maps to the vehicle's engine control computer. This enables the ECU with the proprietary AccessECU software. With this software, you can access one of the many performance and/or convenience orientated AccessECU maps at your convenience without ever requiring to send your ECU in for programming. In addition, the AccessPORT offers other convenience features like the ability to read and clear Check Engine Lights.

Q. What's included when I purchase the AccessPORT?

A. The AccessPORT comes complete with everything necessary for installation. You will receive the following items:

AccessPORT Handheld Programmer
AccessECU License
Map Management Software (MS Windows)
DiagPORT Interface Cable (Vehicle to AccessPORT)
PC Serial Cable (PC to AccessPORT)
Power Adapter

Q. What is a "map"?

A. A map is the term used for the performance software used to alter the way in which the engine management functions. All modern vehicles used sophisticated computers to manage the engine function. The revised versions of the software that handles this function are referred to as Maps. Different maps can be used to taylor the engine's management to match your needs.

The software plays an important part in the overall performance of a vehicle, but it's not the only criteria. What is most important is to properly match the "map" used for the modifications you're made to the vehicle. Using a map designed for another set of hardware will NOT improve performance and it is quite possible that doing so can actual cause engine damage.

Q. How many maps can the AccessPORT store at one time?

A. The AccessPORT can store ten (10) Live Switching Maps.

Q. What maps come pre-loaded?

A. The AccessPORT will come pre-loaded with the most current Stage maps as well as a Valet Mode, Anti-Theft Mode, and Economy Mode maps. Additional maps are available to download from our web site.

Q. How much does it cost to download AccessECU maps?

A. The maps distributed by COBB are free of charge for AccessPORT owners. This is something we do as a service to our customer. Other AccessECU tuners are allowed to charge for the use of their maps at their discretion.

Q. Can I switch maps while the vehicle is running?

A. Yes, the Live Switching maps occur nearly instantly and can be performed with the vehicle running. We strongly recommend you only use the AccessPORT to switch maps when you're vehicle is at a complete stop! Doing while you are driving is dangerous to yourself and those around you. Though highly unlikely, there is still a possibility that the vehicle will perform unexpectedly when switching a map -- such as causing the engine to turn off -- which would be highly dangerous if the vehicle is in motion.

Q. Will my AccessPORT work on multiple vehicles?

A. Yes and No. When you first initialize the AccessPORT for use on your vehicle, it will marry itself to that ECU. From that point on, it will only work on that vehicle's ECU. If you wish to use it on another compatible vehicle, you much first uninstall the AccessPORT from the original vehicle. When you purchase the AccessPORT, you are purchasing one (1) AccessECU reflash license. Thus, that license can only be used on one vehicle at a time.

Q. Can a dealer detect that I have an AccessPORT (AccessECU reflash)?

A. With the tools currently available at Subaru dealerships, it is not possible for them to detect that the ECU has been modified. We own the same service tools used by all Subaru dealerships and have verified that their function is unaltered by the AccessECU. Therefore, your vehicle can be serviced by the dealership in the same way as a stock vehicle.

Q. I don't see a map listed for my modifications, can I use the AccessPORT?

A. We strive to make as many different maps available as possible. Our primary focus will always be with the maps designed for our own staged upgrades. However, as time permits we will develop other maps for other combinations.

Another key point to remember is that often one map can be used for a variety of minor modification. For instance, our Stage 1 map will work perfectly well with a stock car as well as a car with a K&N filter and cat-back exhaust. More significant modifications - turbos, fuel injectors, turbo-back exhausts, etc - do require unique maps. Simply swapping out a stock air filter for a K&N filter however isn't going to pose a significant enough change to warrant a unique map.

If ever in question, please just ask us via email or give us a call.

Q. Does the AccessPORT allow for any user tuning?

A. No, the standard AccessPORT is designed for those enthusiasts interested in improving the performance and function of their vehicle without learning how to become engine tuners. For those that require the ability to custom tune their vehicles, we offer the StreetTuner package that includes the AccessTuner software combined with an AccessPORT.

Q. If I buy the standard AccessPORT now, can I upgrade to the StreetTuner later?

A. Yes. To upgrade you will simply need to send in your AccessPORT. We will then send you the necessary components necessary to use the AccessTuner software along with the AccessTuner-specific version of the AccessPORT.

Q. Do I need to send my ECU to purchase the AccessPORT?

A. No, that's the joy of the AccessPORT. Our primary design objective behind the AccessPORT was to allow enthusiasts the freedom to upgrade their vehicle's ECU without requiring ANY downtime from sending their ECU half-way across the country!

Q. Which Octane map is right for me?

A. The octane ratings listed on the map are meant to show minimum fuel requirements for optimal performance. If you have access to 94 octane, then the 93 octane map will be the best map for your requirements. Likewise, if you have access to 92 octane, then the 91 octane map will be best.

If you live or travel in areas with a wide variety of fuel qualities, then you need to use your best judgment as to the map most suited for you. These octane requirements are what are necessary when you are asking for the maximum performance from your vehicle. If you don't have access to the minimum octane requirement of your map, you simply should not push the vehicle under heavy loads until you are able to fill up with the proper octane fuel.

Q. What does the revision number mean in the Map listing?

A. As we make improvements to software, we will signify this through a revision number. It is always advisable that you use the most current version of the maps applicable to your vehicle.

Q. What if I'm not satisfied with the AccessPORT?

A. We offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee on the AccessPORT. If you're not 100% satisfied, simple uninstall your AccessPORT with all accessories, packaging and documentation; and we'll gladly refund you the cost of the AccessPORT. Please note that the AccessPORT MUST be uninstalled from your vehicle before we can refund you.

Q. Can a local shop tune my ECU with the AccessPORT for me?

A. Only shops that have the AccessECU Tuning tools can create maps compatible with the AccessPORT. Other third party software, such as Techtom or EcuTek, is not compatible with the AccessPORT.

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AccessPORT - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) (continued)

Q. Is the AccessPORT safer than a "XYZ" remap?

A. The answer lies in the tuner that develops the map, not the technology used to remap the ECU. We have built our reputation for being one of the most experienced and reliable Subaru tuners in North America -- not through marketing campaigns but rather through real-world competition and results. We have a great deal of pride in what we do, and test ourselves and our products through our involvement in North American racing classes such as US Pro Rally, US Touring Car, SCCA Solo2/Pro Solo. Our tuning reflects these experiences. Power must be smooth, predictable and most importantly -- reliable.

Q. Who is really responsible for the development of the AccessPORT and AccessECU?

A. We are proud to say that all development has been performed fully in-house. Everything from the software to the electronics design to the case design has been done by COBB Tuning. The only things outsourced are the actual injection molding of the cases and the final production of the circuit boards. Even final assembly is something we perform in-house to ensure each unit meets our expectations and is thoroughly tested before shipping to you.

Q. I have XYZ intake, do you have a map for it?

A. We can do mapping for quite a few intakes that are predictable. We have maps for the original(black) APS, Injen, and most of the short ram hot air intakes. The Blitz is about the only short ram that is not predictable. The car may not be as smooth or might miss out on some power since we have to tune even more conservatively with most of the intakes, but it will be safe, and run better than the factory ECU. Also, let us know what specific intake you have. We have had people order the map for the APS intake when in reality they had other intakes. Needless to say the tune was far from optimal. So far the AEM is about the only intake we have seen that is not predictable. We could make a map for it that would make sure that the car runs rich rather than lean, but the benefits would be far less than that if the customer just removed the intake and used the factory unit. We even have to do that on the dyno for the AEM intake. Also, even if the intake is advertised as not needing correction, causing no errors, or factory specifications, let us know. This is not the case on the intakes that we have tuned that make this claim, they do require correction. Just because the piping that the sensor sits in is the exact factory spec does not mean that there is no turbulence to throw the sensor off. In the end if you want the smoothest running car use the factory air box. If you want the noise and slightly better spool-up, remove the silencer in the fenderwell and toss a panel filter in the stock air-box. On the stock turbo you will make the same power as you will with an aftermarket intake. If you have any questions or want to get the best map, your best bet is to give us the most information you can and let us choose the proper map for your combo.

Q. What is needed for Stage 2?

A. We actually field a lot of calls with people wanting the Stage 2 AccessECU because the dyno graph looks a lot better, but they do not have a turbo-back exhaust. Here is a diagram of the exhaust to help you visualize:

The Stage 2 was tuned on a car with a full turbo-back system. If you have pieced together a less than optimal combo of parts or those that were not designed to work together you may not get the full benefits of the Stage 2 AccessECU. Boost may not come on as quickly and the peak power may be down from those that have a well designed full turbo-back system. If you have replaced the first section (second cat or downpipe section) and nothing else, then the Stage 2 map is what we would recommend. Again the results will be far less than optimal, but it will control the boost better than the Stage 1. If you have replaced sections 2-4 (third cat, mid-pipe, and muffler section then you are still Stage 1. You managed to get all except the part that makes the most difference. Again, we want to reiterate that Stage 2 will only get the intended results with a well designed complete turbo-back.

Q. I have an up-pipe, and/or intercooler hoses, and/or a panel filter, and/or a BOV, and/or pulleys, etc. but I don’t see a map with those mods. What can I do?

A. Those types of modifications are within the AccessECU’s ability to adapt. Most of them (with the exception of the BOV) make a slight improvement in efficiency, but do not change the characteristics of the car enough to require reprogramming to work properly. If you add these types of parts later it might take the car a driving cycle or two to get the boost right on, but it will likely adapt unless the part makes a significant change such as a turbo-back. As stated above, if you have a question about your parts, let us know and we will help you choose the map that is right for you. That is much better than getting a wrong map, or thinking we do not have a map for your combo.

Q. The AccessPort will allow me to tune my car…..right?

A. No. Think of the AccessPort as a map transportation device. It allows you to store a few maps in it and switch the programming on your car’s ECU at your convenience. We will be able to send you new maps via email or a CD or possibly download them from our site. This will allow you to get the AccessECU without ever removing the ECU from your car. It will also allow better support for those who might need a small change in their map or to update to a later revision since you will not have to remove your ECU to send it in. The AccessTuner will allow the end user to program the ECU. It will be in addition to the AccessECU service and AccessPort device at an additional cost.
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