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I just need to rant.
and to warn people who order products from Japan
( unfortunately Mackin Ind. and BuddyClub )

Back in April , over 4 months ago
I ordered my set of Buddy Club coilovers and Gram Light wheels.
These 2 products are nothign special but just not in stock in US.

I expected a delay of 30-90 days for the wheels, but Macking/Rays
keep telling my dealer that they know nothing of the shipment
and dont know any ETA and do not know the status of the wheels?
WTF is that? been 4 months and you dont know if it was shipped, produced, on its way
to the U.S. or anything.
If they just told me
"its one its way, it left a week ago"
" it shoudl be shipped out to U.S in a bout week"
just anything besides , I dont know, not sure, just wait.
so I email stating I will file a complaint because of no response to my questions for the past month
and giving the run around to my dealer as well, then they respond to me stating, we care about our customers,
they are top priority. Hhhmm.... top priority after I say I will formally complain.
yet, they still dont give me an ETA. I hear it should be here in mid August, but lets see.
I highly doubt that bcause it takes approx. 3 weeks to get here (west coast) and then a week or so in customs and then a week to get to east coast, so i already know Macking is BSing me with an ETA of mid August and I might just cancel my order.

witht he BC coilovers. thats a nightmare. BC ships stuff out and takes 3 weeks to get here, my shipment arrives in end of June, BC states it takes about 2-3 weeks to pass through CUSTOMS??? wtf is that? then it takes another week to ship to east coast?

so a delay of another f**king month.

All in all, if BC and Mackin stated to me that I woudl have to wake maybe up to 6 months, i would have been like
" uumm id rather get wheels and coilovers in stock"
they stated 30-90 days, F**CKING BS, never believe that sh*t, they shoudl say approx. 6 months!!

I am only complaining because I am sponsored and now my company will stop sponsoring me since my car is completely stock and they are waisting there time on me since I have attened 0 car shows and 0 events for the past 4 months.

im done with my ranting and back to work

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sarcasmo said:
That sucks man. I've had similar experiences with non-car parts in the past. I feel your pain. Hopefully the wheels and CO's will look sweet.
thanx... but like i stated if they told me it will take approx 6 months, i would have said FORGET IT, but they told me 30-90 days , but I should have known.

LEARN FROM ME GUYS, dont fall for the BS of 30-90 days, thats just to make you shut up and not bother them for 30-90 days.

unfortunately i had to experience those lies with Mackin and BuddyCLub
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