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the rally armor White mud flaps start deteriorating in heat and UV (edges get melts & gummy) I contacted Rally Armor and they know about the issue and unprompted offered a replacement set of black mud flaps or to put me on an indefinite wait list for white flaps assuming they can produce them eventually.
Rally armor support couldn't have been better and they are doing the right thing replacing the defective flaps. :thumbup: I'm disappointed for sure especially at this price but I can understand materials issues can be tricky. It sounds like it is heat and UV combined and they probably didn't do multi variable testing which is understandable

So hopefully it's clear that I'm impressed with Rally Arrmor and not trying to put them on blast.

Now that my PSA is finished. I have a white 2016 wrx. Do I wait this out for new white flaps or go with black now? The existing are getting progressively worse this summer. There is no eta for reformulated white. Assuming the decline stops in cold weather I could probably hold out till spring but that's about it.

I asked about blue and they didn't answer if those have the same issue as white but said they were limited edition and don't have any to send me. They did offer red but that's no my style.
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