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We are the largest Pacific Northwest stocking dealer for Racetech Seats!

How good are Racetech seats?
Ask Fabian Coulthard who walked away from a 280km/h crash where his car was sent over 9 complete spins and got up and out of the car before the safety crew even showed up! The seat that saved his life was the RT4009HRV (in-stock soon)

So here's the deal. I have a whole bunch of these seats that I am literally sitting on and I want them gone.

Normal seat freight ~$150-180, so hows FREE SOUND?
Free shipping not good enough? Want it cheaper? PM me with your full address and what seat you want and I will see what I can do. If you are local and want to pick one up I can make an ever CRAZIER deal :screwy:

Base price list:
RT1000 - $690
RT4000W - $825
RT4000WX - $875
RT4009 - $985
RT4009W - $985
RT4009HR - $1,295
RT4009WHR - $1,395
RT9009HR - $2,305

Add FIA aluminum side-mount brackets $195... actually no, lets do $135 and free shipping!

Never sat in a Racetech seat? Imagine something so divine you almost feel like there is no seat, just you, the car, and the road. These are hands down the most comfortable fixed back bucket seats *Clarkson moment* In-The-World

This offer is only good on my current inventory of Racetech seats and when they are gone this offer goes with them. This is by far the craziest deal on Racetech seats anywhere.

More info on these seats can be found on our website at

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