My wife bought me the STI shift knob as a gift after I'd bought this knob, so I'm putting the STI knob on since she bought it for me (aw...aren't I sweet? LOL!).

So I might as well sell this nice heavy weight shift knob.

It's a great shift knob. Looks and performs perfectly. I only had it on the car for about two weeks. No visible wear. Comes packed in the factory box with all the factory goodies...just like new. Even the cool sticker is in there as well as the hex wrench for adjusting it.

Here's what the manufacturer's website says about it:

Machined out of stainless steel with a cool to the touch Delrin® cover, the Sphereology combines a unique weighted shift knob experience with a ball-shaped cover for ideal shifting comfort.

WEIGHT - 1.1lbs
HEIGHT - 2.7 in
DIAMETER - 2.1 in

These go for anywhere between $145 and $180 new, but for my ClubWRX brothers and sisters, I'll part with it for $100 which includes USPS Priority Mail shipping to the United States.