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I own a 04' wrx sedan with 67,000 miles.
I have noticed oil leaking from a silver metal fitting attached to a black hose on the drivers side, towards the bumber, to the left of the battery. The hose leads to a radiator looking device mounted in front of the radiator. What is that? Whats this hose for? Oil cooler? I cant find anything about it. Any help would be appreciated.
The leak is not bad. But I want to replace the hose and I can not find it online.

I have a small amount of oil/dirt build up on the output hose that leads to the intake manifold, coming off the intercooler. Any ideas?

I have oil build up on the front drive shafts were they come out of the transmission case.
Nothing dripping, just hard, black build up. any ideas?

Thanks in advance!
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