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Hey! I have read all sorts of write ups about this and did it and Im hoping someone can answer my questions.
Basically I have an 03 wrx wagon.
I bought 02 forester strut assemblies front and back. Along with the forester trailing arm brackets and perrin 04 sti rear endlinks for the front of my 03.

Question 1. These perrin endlinks do not fit on the control arm bracket pn my car but everyone says to get them to release pressure off the front sway bar... what am I missing?

Number 2. When measuring from spring perch to bottom of strut. The 03 wrx strut and forester strut is the same. I have 2013 wrx stock wheels 17x8 225/45/17 that fot fine with my wrx suspension. They will not fit with the forester suspension because it rubs the rear strut. I have no idea why that distance would be different....?

Lastly... everyone is using like.. 215/70/16 . I could fit those in the front barley but not even close in the rear! The biggest I could fit is just a 215/60/16 on the stock 03 wrx wheels. Im confused since I followed write ups and came out with different results.

Anything helps! Thanks
I also tried to post on dirty impreza but since im new to that site it wont let me post or reply to anything....

Heres a pic now with just 02 forester struts all around. Forester rear trailing arm brackets and stock 205/55/16 wrx wheels.
Trying to figure this out before i waste money on tires



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