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Hey guys hoping to be new to the subaru clan in the near future. But i had a huge favor to ask. Id love to spend time looking thoroughly through this forum but my schedule right now doesnt allow me to find the answers i need. Im looking at buying an 04 RS thats had the following drivetrain mods plus many suspension and interior mods:

-USDM EJ205 MOTOR 2.0Litre (80K on motor)
-VF34 Dual Ball Bearing Turbo (From Spec C Type RA model, rare)
-Cusco Engine Mounts
-COBB Accessport Tuning Device
-Tuned by Andy at Neetronics in Oakville. Conservatively makes 320whp on 20 psi of boost (reliable, and dependable), PEAK WHP on 94 Octane pushes 350whp on 21 psi of boost
-3" APS Turboback Exhaust (with high flow cat/removable)
-Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
-APS High energy "Flex" Up Pipe
-APS Intake
-APS Highflow Cat (Removable, and included in sale)
-GO Fast Bits Hybrid Blow Off Valve
-STi Intercooler
-STi "Pinks" Injectors
-Walbro Fuel Pump 255LPH
-07 STi Radiator
-NGK Iridium Spark Plugs
-Zero Sports Rad Shroud (Aluminum)

-06 Full STi 6Spd Tranny
-Neetronics DCCD Controller (makes this car RWD, AWD, various axis of controlling differentials) (The car was tuned by the same person who designed this product)
-ACT Stage 2 Clutch
-ACT Streetlight Flywheel
-Kartboy 6SPD Short Shifter
- One piece custom 3.5 inch aluminium Driveshaft
-3.90 R180 Diff with Group "N" Diff Mounts

The guy seems really good and the car is really solid. However i had a few questions. In its current tune which seems pretty stout he mentions roughly 380km to a full tank. Which im lead to believe is decent for the combination. However i know with the accessport you can have several tunes ready to fly now what i was wondering was if it was unreasonabe to believe a tune could be made to have less boost and wheel horsepower to get in the range of 500 to 550km a tank for trips or daily driving? If im dreaming here guys let me know. I know youd have to stay out of boost obviously and that these cars arent designed to be gas misers. (hey you gotta pay to play right?). Also aside from checking obvious concerns of if this thing has been abused. anything else i should specifically check. Engine has 85k on it and about 2 years with this combo(compression is good). Id like to keep this car for some time as my DD. Should i be able to have confidence with whats there (if done right)? Any advice would be much appreciated guys. thanks alot


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With a car modified that heavily, you can easily buy someone else's headache. Not to say you're going to, but something to keep in mind. How's your mechanical ability? How's your wallet?

Obviously every dyno reads differently, but 320whp on a VFXX turbo isn't what I would typically consider "conservative". Any idea what a 2.0L WRX baselines at there?

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Well im a mechanic by trade but we specialize in v8 drag racing with mainly carbed setups. Not many forced induction setups. So id say im solidly capable, but as stated have minimal experience with turbo 4 cylinders. Ya she does seem pretty stout but is this setup capable of supporting this durability wise?
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