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I know the only real answer is dyno it and get it to a track but, im in iraq and my car is in indiana. the mods have been going on since i've been here and i just wanted a rough estimate from people with similar mods for 0-60 and 1/4mi times/speeds

02 WRX Midnight Black Pearl

Utec, txs steath(no cat) turbo back exhaust with txs dnpipe, perrin uppipe, and txs rfl ti muffler, blitz fmic w/blitz ssbov, blitz sus intake, kartboy ss with bushings kit, tein basic damper coilovers, cusco front and rear strut tower braces and sway bars
i also have 19'' Axis Spyders but the stock rims w/bfg's will be the track shoes

Thanks so much for any input, i'm just too anxious to wait another couple months before i can take it to the track.
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