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Question about winter tires for my wrx

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I'm looking for winter tires for my 2017 WRX Premium, my current tires are 245/40/18.

I found a great deal on some barely used 225/45/18 Bridgestone Blizzaks. My question is, will I run into issues moving up from 40 to 45 on the tire height (middle number in the sequence) if I mount them on 18" rims?

I know it would be best to go down to 17" rims, but the deal on these 18" Blizzaks is so good that I figured I'd at least check to see if its possible to mount 225/45/18 on my wrx.

Any input or advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Tire Rack has a pretty good system where you can enter your car into their calculator and it will allow you play with different sized tires for fitment. They supposedly test them - can't confirm that. My guess is that going slightly narrower (first number) yet taller would alleviate any clearance issues while turning. I think I'd roll the dice if it were me for a good enough deal. You can always resell them if it doesn't work.

Moving to the 225/45/18 will effectively "gear up" the car by 1.2%.

You shouldn't have any concerns. The 26" circumference is actually what I run in the summer -- 255/40/18

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