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Question about STi Motor

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Alright, NEW here so, not exactly sure if this post is even in the correct section of the forum.
It is motor related, so this is where I chose.

Alright, so to make this story short and sweet, I was doing a 3rd Gear pull in my 2014 WRX Hatchback
when next thing you know, the rod bearings failed. So, without chance of warranty, I decided to go to
the local tuner here where I am at in NJ, I bought their OEM + Motor Package.
This package includes STi Shortblock, STi Forged Crankshaft paired with STi Forged Rods, topped off
with Manley Pistons (I believe STi Compression).

I bought the STi components I know that are needed.
From my knowledge I have bought, Gates STi Water Pump, OEM STi Gasket and Sealant Kit,
Gates Timing Belt. I also bought some ARP Head Studs.

Now here is where the questions unfold.

I know the Intake Manifold is different, well I believe it does.
My question is, will my stock 14' WRX Intake Manifold fit?
If not, I am assuming I would have to buy an OEM STi Intake Manifold.

Second part of this question, if it is compatible, a OEM WRX intake
manifold gasket should also work with the STi Block?

Another question is, will the OEM TMIC fit?

That's all the questions I can think of.. If I am forgetting anything, please let me know.
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Im pretty sure your stock manifold, etc. will work. if you decide to swap to the STi manifold and throttle body, your TMIC will not work with it. The local shop doing your work should have definitive answers for you.
Thanks for the reply! I am only buying the motor package from the local shop. Me and a buddy are doing all the work to save labor costs. Kinda tight on money after spending $3,000.00 on a shortblock :joy:. My friend also reasured me it should work. Only other thing the shop will be doing is a Pro Tune after the motor is broken in.
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