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I've got a 2017 WRX with an IAG AOS (Street) installed, and I'm currently in the process of installing a PW Verticooler. However, I've run into a clearance issue between the new charge pipe and one of the coolant hoses running to the AOS - specifically the bottom coolant hose which runs to the coolant fitting on the block. The coolant hose is wedged in between the charge pipe and upper radiator hose, and it does not allow enough room for the charge pipe. I've attached a few photos which show the clearance issue. The particular hose causing issues is the one with the braided sheathing.

My initial thought is to buy a length of heater hose to extend the coolant hose running from the fitting on the block out past the charge pipe (i.e. further towards the front of the car).

Has anybody run this same setup? If so, how did you manage to fit the charge pipe? I've seen a few builds where they mentioned they have both items installed, but I can't seem to find details on the fitment.

Any help/advice would be appreciated! :)


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