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ProCom is the place to go to if you live in NJ and want a professional experience - great customer service and a very knowledgeable staff

My 2011 WRB STI that I drove for a full 40 miles after I bought it had some major issues (was told it was rock solid when I purchased it - was not - but that's a different story)

It had some major issues - and it was at the shop for longer then expected and a lot more parts/money then I was aware of

Joe from Procom always kept me involved in the process - did not pull any punches - and was very understanding

Now - don't get me wrong - this was a nightmare - NOT because of ProCom - but because the car fought all the way to get her correct

Every time Joe called me I cringed - because I knew there was more issues

Its fixed - and making 396 to the wheels and 394 Torque to the wheels - on a "SAFE" tune - 93 pump gas

SO - go there - Talk to Joe - and they will take care of you

History -
2011 WRB STI
Blouch 1.5 Dom Turbo
Process West TMIC
1000 ID Injectors
Perrin Equal Length Headers
Perrin Full Exhaust
Tial External Wastegate
And a bunch more stuff - Killer B oil pick up - gauges - so on

WAS making 370 to the wheels

Then I drove it for 40 miles and it started to break up BAD
Then the rabbit hole began

NOW - 396 in sport plus
IAG CNC top ffed TGV deletes
New lower intake gasket
Grimmspeed 3-port EBCS
Motor Mounts
Re-sealed oil pan
New rear main seal
Transmission cocktail
LH front axel seal
Cobb AccessPort V3
Torque Solutions air pump kit
Evap purge solenoid
Radiator stay bolt
Exedy Heavy Duty clutch kit
New Flywheel
Crawford V2 TMIC air/oil separator
New oil cooler hard line
Grimmspeed upper/lower/downpipe 7 layer gaskets
LH intake camshaft gear
RH intake camshaft gear
EJ camshaft oil seal
Gates timing belt kit with water pump
AVCS solenoid
AVCS oil line
Coil pack
Timing cover and seals
bunch of rusted bolts
All new belts
lower thermostat

Happy Joy
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