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Problem with AF Learning 1/ datalog - please help!

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Hey guys, I just got an AP for my 2015 WRX and have been running the Cobb OTS Stage 1/91 octane map. Everything is stock, except for a catback exhaust.

I've noticed that my DAM has consistently been 0.938 and that I've been getting some instances of FKL (-1.41/0) and FBK (-2.11/0). These instances occur during regular cruising, but I've also noticed them on my datalogs for my WOT pulls.

My other concern is that AF Learning 1 does NOT immediately go to 0 during WOT. It usually stays at 1.56 for awhile before getting to 0 on WOT. Does anyone know what this could be? I'm going to clean my MAF sensor tomorrow to see if that helps.

Here are the datalogs:

4th gear pull to 6k rpm

3rd gear pull to 6.4k rpm

Any feedback is greatly appreciated. :eek3:
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My guess about the DAM is that it is not set to default to 1 (probably for Cobb's safety so they don't get sued).
The small knocks you are getting keep resetting the counter so it never gets incremented up to 1.

As for A/F Learning, there are only 3 ranges it sets values for one super low (~5g/s) mid range (5-50 g/s) and high (>50). My guess is that your mid-range is learning 1.56 during closed loop fueling, then when you go WOT it takes a while to get to the highest airflow values, and therefore the zero on your learned chart
Any advice on how to correct these values? Should I be worried about them? I'm planning on installing a catted DP and intake followed by a tune soon, if that matters.
Idk if it's important. But what state do you live in?
Southern California. Sea level. Since these logs, I've cleaned my MAF sensor and reflashed with the same map. It seemed to help AF Learning (goes to 0 on wot now), but still seeing minor FBK and FLK that might affect my DAM in the future.
Try running the acn91 map instead of the regular 91map
There's also waaayyy to much stuff on that datalog. Monitor less things
There's also waaayyy to much stuff on that datalog. Monitor less things
Got it. What are the main things I want to be monitoring?

Also, I can't find the ACN 91 map on Cobb's website. Where can I find it?

Appreciate the help.
I'm not sure. It shows up for my11 email cobb and see if they have one for your year. They should
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