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Pro Tune Recommendation

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Hey there, I have a 2015 WRX and am located in Colorado. I recently installed a Catback Exhaust, jpipe and accesport as well as an OTS map. After a few days on the tune the car started driving ****ty so I took it to a shop in aurora to get a pro tune to fix it.. well the engine blew on the dyno and still can’t really pin point why it happened. It could’ve been the previous tune, I think it had a lot to do with the previous owner not taking care of the car and yeah. The car only had 33k on it so now I’m getting a brand new engine. I know I gotta break it in before I do anything but I’ve been told I can’t put my aftermarket j pipe on without a tune. I need recommendations on a tuner that is well known and cares about the safety of the car. I’ve been leaning towards going to Harvey at boost creep but I’m just scared that it’ll happen again.. please share your thoughts.
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break in the new engine with the stock tune and stock parts. You cant use the Jpipe without a tune.

Use that time to research what you want to do and who is the best in your area to do it.

as for being worried, I can see that. Did the shop that tried to dyno tune it do a complete checkout of the motor to determine its condition and ensure there was nothing wrong going in? Just about every shop Ive talked to do that for like $100-$150

What tune did you use before going in?
No they never checked my engine and apprently they were supposed to let me know to change my spark plugs before and they didn’t tell till after. & I just had a Stage 2 OTS Map from Cobb on the car
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