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Hello there *blink182 voice*

I've been 50 50 on going out and getting a pro-tune. Im running on a stage 2 map from cobb v3 ap. I contacted cobb and they said I could get away using stage2 map but I know a pro tune would bring out much more out of my car as I have a couple of different aftermarket mods. I've looked up some pro tunning places but their review were not so great lol most of which are fake 5 star reviews :shakehead: My question is does anyone recommend a certain pro tuner out here in the east coast in Connecticut? (Fairfield county, new heaven, new York) anything helps !
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EFI Logics in Bethel

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Prime Motoring
Prime Motoring
Going to get some stuff installed and a tune with Prime in 9 days. Junior is the man! Super excited!
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