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There's an interesting article in this month's RacerX Illustrated magazine. Fans of motocross/Supercross & freestyle mx know the name Travis Pastrana. When he's not getting huge air on his Suzuki, he writes a monthly column for RacerX. Check out the March '02 edition for the full poop.

In short, one of his sponsors, Alpinestars, who also sponsors Richard Burns, invited Travis to attend (watch) the final WRC round. Also included was a one day class at the Phil Price Rally School in Wales. As a reward for setting FTD, he got to drive the factory subie driven by Burns to the WRC title. Sweet!

The article is pretty amusing, giving his account of the rally and the school. At the end of the article, Travis states:

"At the end of my ten laps I had done $5000 woth of damage to the car and $1000 to the semi-rig, and my co-driver shook for almost an hour after the "drive". On a side-note, the top brass at Subaru offered me a car to race at select rounds of the US National Championship Rally series. Go figure."

[Note: I'm not glorifying the fact that he did damage to the car, only that he was offered a seat to compete in future US Rally events. Save your flame thrower fuel.]

Considering the skills this guy has, along with his huge fan-base, it is totally believable that this just might be for real.

The 4 bucks for the mag is worth it for the article alone. I checked their e-zine site for the article, but it hasn't been posted yet. Check out, under the Prospect, periodically.


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