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I am looking to install a boost gauge and oil pressure gauge in the near future. I have a general Idea of what brand and what mounting options I will go with. But I am looking to get some technical support and opinions on my approach.

Gauge mounting option:
I am looking to get the dual gauge dash bezel.
Link: Dual Gauge Dash Bezel (02-07 WRX and STI) - Gauge Mounting Solutions

I am looking at the Autometer Sport Comp series 30in HG/20psi Vacuum/Boost Gauge and electric Oil Pressure Gauge. Does anyone have opinions on the reliability of the Autometer Sport Comp Series? How is the brightness from these gauges as I would like them to be a similar brightness to my dash cluster at night (I do a decent amount of night driving and don't want things shining in my eyes).
Boost: Auto Meter 3301 - Auto Meter Sport-Comp Analog Gauges - Overview -
Oil Pressure: Auto Meter 3327 - Auto Meter Sport-Comp Analog Gauges - Overview -

Gauge installation hardware:
I was thinking of grabbing these kits from WRXTRA:
Boost Gauge install Kit: WRXtra
Oil Pressure Sender Install Kit: WRXtra

I guess that leaves the wiring. In addition to power, I would like the back light to come on when I turn on my head lights. I am aware that this can be done with the wires that tie into the "ciggarette lighter" port. Which wires (color?) would I need to tap into / splice and what would be the recommend method to do this? (Connectors, vampire clips, etc...).

*Note: This is a TR, so the center console/panels are slightly different from standard WRX, but lower panel can be removed and access to ciggarette lighter wiring is easy (ish).

Looking for opinions and tips before I finalize my purchase plans.

Thank You
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