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I replaced my power steering pump on my 06 wrx last night. just as i was finishing and tightening the drive belt, the long bolt thats with the adjustment assembly snapped so i only have the lock bolt, I am able to drive the car with only the lock bolt but it definitely loosens over a short period of time(probably only a few hours) and i have to loosen the alternator and lock bolt pull up the alternator as high as i can until theres little to no slack in the belt then re tighten it. the belt is brand new and i was told that new belts loosen up a little after a few times of driving and need re adjusted so maybe thats why its loosening on me(when its loose i cant turn the wheel while parked and i get a horrible whine) but either way i definitely need a new bolt or assembly, does anyone know where i can but the entire bolt adjustment assembly? or maybe even just the long ass bolt that snapped? I have found a few online, but they either dont look like the current one i have or they say the ones that do look like the one i have doesn't fit my car.
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