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I just got my new up-pipe from Perrin on my '04 wrx. It has not been tuned yet (I know, probably a mistake) and my only other mod is a lightened crank pulley.

When I go easy on the car, everything is fine. But since the new up-pipe's been on, any time the rpms exceed 3000 or so, it feels like the clutch is being engaged. The engine revs way too quickly, and the tach suddenly jumps up to 6 or 7000 and stays there until i let off. Afterward you can smell the burnt clutch.

I can't imagine why switching to a catless pipe would do this. Is it just because I don't have a tune for it, or does it sound like a problem with the clutch? Maybe it's just a coincidence that it's wearing out right when I made the up-pipe change. Either way, I feel pretty dumb, and would greatly appreciate any advice.

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