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This is a current listing of street locations where cameras are
located. Also it won't hurt
to mention that parking ticket fines are going up from $55 to $105.

Borough Location
Bronx Pelham Pkwy (W/B) @ Stillwell Ave
Bronx 149th St. (S/B) @ 3rd Ave.
Bronx Grand Concourse several locations (N and S/B)
Bronx Major Deegan Service Road (N/B) @ Yankee Stadium
Bronx Fordham Rd. @ Sedgwick Ave.
Bronx E. 135th St.(W) @ Alexander Ave. X4-13
Bronx Cross Bronx Exp Service Rd (N/B) @ Rosedale Ave.
Bronx Grand Concourse (E) @ 167th St. X1-12
Bronx 161st St. (E/B) @ Anderson Ave.

Brooklyn Coney Island Ave. (N/B) @ Avenue
Brooklyn Kings Hwy (S/B) @ Remsen Ave. KI-12
Brooklyn Flatlands Ave. @ Ralph Ave.
Brooklyn Pennsylvannia Ave. (E/B) @ Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn Ocean Pkwy (N/B) @ Church ave.
Brooklyn Kings Hgwy. (E/B) @ Nostrand Ave. KI-12
Brooklyn Jamaica Ave. (E/B) @ Pennsylvania Ave. KD-13
Brooklyn Hmltn Ave. (N) @ Clinton Ave. K3-23
Brooklyn Fort Hamilton Parkway (W/B) @ 60th Street
Brooklyn Utica Ave. @ Eastern Parkway
Brooklyn Flatbush Ave. @ Toy's-R-Us entrance
Brooklyn East side of Humbolt St. @ Metropolitan Ave.
Brooklyn Boerum Pl. (N/B) @ Atlantic Ave.
Brooklyn Bay Pkwy (N/B) @ 65th St.
Brooklyn Atlantic Ave. (W) @ Bedford Ave. K9-23
Brooklyn 78th St. @ 7th Ave.
Brooklyn 4Th Ave. (S) @ 41st St. K5-23
Brooklyn Flatbush Ave. (N/B) @ Avenue H Kk-12
Brooklyn Eastern Pkwy. (E) @ Utica Ave. K6-13

Manhattan West 72nd St. (N/B) @ Amsterdam Ave.
Manhattan 1st Ave. (N/B) @ E. 125th St. MA-14
Manhattan East 42nd St. (S/B) @ 2nd Ave.
Manhattan East 72nd St. (N/B) @ 3rd Ave.
Manhattan Madison Ave. (N/B) @ E. 96th St. ME-24
Manhattan West End Avenue. (S/B) @ 66th St. M7-12
Manhattan York Ave. (N/B) @ E. 79th St. MC-12
Manhattan Broadway (S/B) @ Sherman Ave. Mf-12
Manhattan Amsterdam Ave. (N/B) @ 96th Street - MJ-23
Manhattan 2nd Ave (S/B) @ 42nd St - M1-24
Manhattan Houston St. (W/B) @ 1st Ave. M5-13
Manhattan Houston St. (S/B) @ West St.

Queens Queens Blvd. (W/B) @ Roosevelt Ave. QK-23
Queens Metropolitan Ave. (W/B)@ Cooper Ave. Qe-12
Queens Queens Blvd. (W/B) @ 71st Ave. Qi-13
Queens Woodhaven Blvd. (S/B) @ 62nd Rd. QA-23
Queens So. Conduit Ave. (E/B) @ 89th St. Q5-23
Queens Queens Blvd. @ Ascan Ave.
Queens Queens Blvd. (E/B) @ 58th St. Q1-13
Queens Northern Blvd. (W/B) @ Douglaston Pkwy.
Queens Northern Blvd. (E/B) @ 114th St.
Queens Metropolitian Ave. (W/B) @ Fresh Pond Rd. Q8-12
Queens L.I.E. N. Svc Road (W/B) @ College Pt. Blvd. QH-12 Queens Frances
Lewis Blvd. (S/B) @ Union Tpke QI-22 Queens Crossbay Blvd. (N/A) @ 165th
Ave. QC-14 Queens Astoria Blvd. @ 108th St. Queens Astoria Blvd. (E/B) @
Steinway St. QG-23 Queens Rockaway Blvd. (W/B) @ Brookville Rd.

Staten Island Hylan Blvd. (N/B) @ Burbank Ave.
Staten Island Richmond Ave. (N/B) @ Draper Pl. S5-13
Staten Island Richmond Ave. (N/B) @ Travis Ave.
Staten Island Richmond Ave. (N/B) @ West Caswell Ave.
Staten Island Victory Blvd. (E/B) @ Morani Ave.

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I hope you didn't compile that yourself, Bedabi :D
Thanks for the heads up, though. Maybe I should print that out instead of trying to memorize them all. heh

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ebay keeps history for 90 days, then deletes it to make room. post is kinda old, and all.

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i was wondering what it couldve been, too. some kind of stop-light-camera inhibiter? or maybe it was a transponder, to change the lights to green when you roll through, thus negating the cameras. or maybe it was a set of those license plate springs, that tilt your plate so it cannot be seen...

couldve been anything, i guess.
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