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Dear members,

If you guys have a couple of minutes please take this survey for me. This survey will be used for a college research project as well as the improvement of We’re looking to change the layout and the content of the website to satisfy you! If you can, please answer the questions below and provide any comments, feedbacks, and suggestions.

Copy and paste the questions below to an e-mail and title it “IMPORTHOOKUP.COM SURVEY” and send it to [email protected]. Your help is greatly appreciated!

1. How did you hear about

2. What is your initial impression of the website?

3. When you visited out website do you have an idea of what you wanted or did you just check out our website to look for deals for your car?

4. What did you like or dislike about the website in general?

5. Does the website confuse you in any way?

6. How would you improve the layout of the website?

7. Does the tips and FAQs page help? Would you like to see a tips and FAQs page on shopping and modifying your vehicle?

8. Would you like to see a forum on there where people can discuss deals and discounts for their parts?

9. Are the deals provided informative?

10. What can we do to encourage you to join the mailing list?

11. What kind of parts are you looking for and were you able to find it?

12. What kind of deals would you like to see in the future?

13. Would you like to see a list of deals for mobile audio and OEM parts or do you only want to see deals for performance parts?

14. Would you visit our website again when you are looking for a performance part for something for your car? Why or why not?

15. What qualities of a vendor do you look for when you want to buy a product for your car?

16. If a vendor review section is posted on our website, what are the chances that you will write a review for a vendor in terms of positive and negative feedbacks?

17. Would you buy from a small online vendor who offers a slightly better price or do you rather buy from a reputable vendor?

18. Would you rather see a formal or a personal way of presenting a deal?

19. Is there anything else that you would like to tell us?
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