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2011 WRX Limited Sedan
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I recently purchased a 2011 WRX Limited Sedan (Stock) from a used car dealership. Coming from a BMW e60

I just finished deleting the air pump (since it failed) and installed block off plates on the motor.

I noticed an unplugged sensor (circled in red) under the oil fill cap. Could someone please identify this for me and if its needed? At first I thought this was a camshaft position sensor but I watched a video of someone replacing one and it towards the rear of the motor.

The next picture is an unplugged sensor connector which im not sure of either. I believe its from the top of one of the secondary air pump solenoids but if someone could clarify for sure thanks!

Lastly, im getting Codes P0345 and P0340 for both driver side and passenger side camshaft sensors which causes a 7-8 sec start whether its cold or not. Could someone please tell me if the unplugged sensor and connector are related to these two codes. Thank you everyone!
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