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Please help me with this stupid mistake

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Today I popped my hood just to do an inspection, everything looks good, except I noticed that a few tiny leaves were sitting on top of the top mounted intercooler, probably entered through the scoop. No problem, tried get them out by hand but they were brittle and broke into little pieces, some of which fell into the radiator. I worried if they fell down any further they would burn due to the heat, so I went upstairs to get a needle to pick them out. It was working great until...i dropped the needle. It got right in the intercooler fin and now I got a loose needle in the engine compartment. Am I in trouble or it's no issue at all?

Pic: I marked where i dropped the Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet
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Not sure if it is real concern or not . . . but perhaps using a strong magnet might be enough to pull the pin out?
I wouldn't worry too much.. probably just blast all of it out with an air compressor and/or hose end sprayer.
Yeah I agree you shouldn't worry too much it won't do harm to your car
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