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Help, I'm stuck on a simple Driving Lights upgrade.
I purchased the CIBIE OSCAR+ DRIVING LAMPS by ScoobySport / Rally Performance which is a bolt on replacement for the fog lamps.


Pretty simple install except I am not able to find the Main Headlight Relay (High Beam) to splice into. This is required in order to have the driving lights only come on with the high beams.

The instructions are really weak, "A single red cable is the supply to the relay from the nearside lamp, a 'scotchckip' is provided to terminal 85 on the relay". Nice, except there is no schematic or picture showing me which wire is the high beam power relay.

I did a search on scoobymods and on this site and came up with nothing.

If anyone has the wiring schematics, could you post them?
Or even better, if anyone has done this mod, could you give me a couple pointers?

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

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Can't help you much...but, I'd first advise on checking the local regulations first.

Up in PA, I know you cannot have any auxilary lighting in conjunction with the high beams, despite being driving lights.

Driving lights, pencil lights, or any auxilary lights are grouped into fog lights, so they must be used with the low beams, not the high beams.

In most states, if you're running high beams and driving lights, you're likely to get pulled over and ticketed.
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