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Plastidip interior pieces + switchblade key

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Starting to get hit with the mod bug after being dormant for a little while.

Started with the cobb AP about a month ago for some performance gains, now just plastidipped some of the interior pieces with flat black (which I think they should have come from the factory). Also ran across the switchblade key fob on NASIOC that looked really sleek, so did that also in the past week.

Contemplating my next move. Check out the pics. Also signed up for an unlimited car wash at a place nearby that has a nice facility, so my car is always clean and I don't have to see all the little nicks on the bumper. Looks really good from a distance though ;) 53k miles so far ('13 wrx limited black)

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Also bought mothers VLR and treated the leather with that, I like it better than the McGuires leather cleaner/conditioner because it's not shiny and streaky. The smell is a little strong initially but it dissipates after several days.
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Woah, looks awesome man. How do you take those armrest pieces off?
it's not the whole armrest that comes out, there's a plastic trim piece by the window switches where the door handle is and there's a little flap in the door handle that you push up with a flat head and then it's just a single screw to remove, then use the flathead at the front of the plastic piece and pry and pray lol
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