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As the title states I was looking to purchase my friends friend 2003 Rally Blue WRX, Stock motor, but a list of mods that I don't even remember.

Currently sitting at 320,000 kms original motor, and they're asking for $6000 CAD. I was just wondering if this seems like a reasonable deal seeing that there are no rust, body and engine are in almost pristine condition as well.

Thoughts and opinions on this, it's been stressing me out. The only things I recall being on the WRX was, DC Sports Coils, Catless Downpipe and uppipe I believe, STI Seats, Aftermarket steering wheel, cobb access port. There are a few other things I don't exactly remember that was fixed under the hood, gaskets were fixed as well.

I'm quite new to this so I have no idea, any help/suggestion would be appreciated!

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at 320,000KM's how can you say the engine is in pristine condition? Has it been rebuilt? Leakdown/Compression test?

It seems expensive to me.
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