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We have begun to plan a trip to Eureka Springs, AR. The following information is based on a South Louisiana starting point. Folks in AR may join up or meet us, if possible.

The trip will be April 27, 28 &29 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The Friday drive will start early (7:00Amish) with meeting points TBD by attendees. I expect this to be a near 10 hour drive (route TBD).

I am proposing we stay at EurekaZen Cabins (eurekazen). Speaking to Jill at EurekaZen, was a great experience. We can get groups of cabins that are in the historic downtown (Spring Street) district. All of the shops, dining and just walking will be right out our doors. The cabins allow for easy mingling and just sitting.

Saturday will entail a 15 mile, 50 minute drive to Bachman-Wilson - Frank Lloyd Wright – home ( . This 15 mile drive is equal to “Tail of the Dragon” or other famous roads. I expect us to spend 2-3 hours at the house, grounds and museum.

Sunday will be up early and make our way back home.

All types of cars are welcome with the single condition that the car be able to keep up.

Please feel free to ask me questions
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