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The F500BT is the same as the rest of the Pioneer touchscreen units except that it's flat - it was originally designed to work as an on-dash system. It's a pretty versatile navigator and sound system. It also plays movies and shows photos.

I built a custom mount (included, but crappy, more of a template) to put in place of the stock head unit. Why? Because I wanted a removable touch screen.

Included is a Parrot Subaru connector (no cutting) enough wiring to place the amp anywhere you'd like (although it fits in the space formerly occupied by the stereo very nicely) as well as the NDG-500 amp itself and a female USB cable to hook up an iPod or other device. Missing are the original suction cup windshield mount and dash sticky thing.

The NDG will play music, GPS and phone call audio through your speakers.


SD/USB/iPod connectivity
Voice Recognition for iPod
Bluetooth connectivity with voice recognition for contacts
Removable for security

This unit was about $450 new, but I've used it a long time and it's showing a bit of wear. There is a small scratch on the screen, and the chrome on the selector wheel shows wear. The battery should be replaced within the next six months - the unit runs off 12V from the vehicle, but the battery essentially maintains song memory and stuff.

I'd like to see $100 OBO or interesting trades. Thanks, and sorry about crappy pics - iPhone 3GS, what can I say?

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