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I have been talking to Jan Shim for the past month trying to get a good deal for his highly acclaimed PE turbo’s. For those of you that know Jan already, I am sure you would all agree that he is not only the nicest guy around, but also the most knowledgeable. And those that do no know him…you are missing out.

Basically, here is the deal. If we can get 6 buyers (there is currently 6XPE1820F; 1XPE1818F in stock) Jan Shim has been kind enough to offer them at $1600 each, shipped to your door (continental US) through FedEx in 5 business days.

I know $1600 isn’t the cheapest price around…but it is the best deal out there for 5-day shipping.
As a BONUS – each turbo comes with a Power Evolution emblem. Check it out here:

Frankly, I was very tempted to jump aboard those $1550 GB deals. I was like…damn, that’s a good price. But I felt guilty after absorbing all this valuable knowledge and advice from Jan, and not buying from him. I actually told him I wasn’t going to buy from him (as I found better prices), and he was cool with it. And continued to answer my turbo questions. His character sold me. Plus, his product support, and customer service was well worth the $50 price difference.

I want this turbo, and for those who want it too…please sign up. The minute we get 6 confirmed buyers, it will take 5 business days to get your turbo. The sooner you sign up, the sooner you get your turbo. It just feels good to know that I will get mine in less then a week after I pay.

Payment can be sent to me using Paypal, or to Jan through wire transfer. Credit cards can be used…but with 3% financial charge from Credit Card Company.

For more details and questions please contact me, or Jan Shim ([email protected]).
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