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Hello everyone, this is my first time posting and first time asking for advice from the internet haha. I purchases a 2012 wrx at stage 2ish a few months ago. I can start by listing everything done to the car. Single owner btw

stage 2 act HD street disc clutch
1000cc injectors
Forged pistons
King race bearings
It had an invidia catless dp and 3inch (I think it's called the q300) catback
Gimmespeed vband 38mm EWG up pipe
Short shifter
AEM cold air intake
Ebcs (don't know the brand)
Bpv(also not sure of brand)

Engine rebuild with everything stock besides the injectors "king race bearings" and forged pistons.

The car has 25k on the re build and it runs really strong as is. I love the thing to death. I want to start saving for more power. The tuner who tuned this car said I could be at 400 pretty easily and safe. I want to start saving now.

Here are my thoughts on what to do next
fuel rails
Better fuel pump
Equal length heads
maybe a new turbo

Car is on a 93 tune @ 283.3/310

I looked at some rotated turbo kits but they come with dps and up pipes which I don't need so I need help with that maybe. Thanks for your time guys!

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Well for anything north of 310-325whp you will need a larger turbo. The stock vf52 wont get your there. If 400whp is your goal, then a stock location turbo (see 20g turbo) would get you there with supporting mods. With a stock location turbo and 400whp being your goal, you do not need a FMIC. An upgraded TMIC will be more than efficient at those levels. Process west, grimmspeed both make quality TMIC's.

Rotated turbo kits are nice, but typically made for turbos too large to fit in the stock location, and for 450/500whp+ applications. The reason you are seeing rotated kits come with new a uppipe and downpipe is because the uppipe and downpipe you have now will no longer work or fit with a rotated turbo. Since the turbo is rotated and moved away from the stock location, the routing of the uppipe and downpipe change. Resulting in a new uppipe and downpipe needed.
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