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pace said:
This is a somewhat controversial subject. Many of us that run/ran MBCs experienced no indicated raise in EGTs whatsoever at part throttle situations. I feel this was one of those I-club-induced mass hysteria scenarios with little if any factual data to back it up. In reality the 'problem' with part-throttle full-boost is more of a drivability issue: You may experience some 'jerkiness' and with an MBC the boost comes on very hard indeed.

I agree with Pace. This type of thinking is just plain paranoia on the part of a few i-club members. I just use EBC's and no problems at all with EGT's or AF mixtures. As for the unichip it controls boost but not very well. A good EBC is recommended for more extreme setups. Even with stock turbo my friend has too much spiking and had to add an SBC-id. Now he has perfect boost control.
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