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Si2WRX said:
I'm kind of lost... the SBC-id will control boost based on rpm? How?

I have one and don't think it can do that.

I have used Unichip with ABC, MBC, EBC and had no problems with any of them with regard to EGTs or A/F.
It can't. With the optional Power Meter you can make a speed map where you can adjust boost levels in 10 mph increments. I have both the SBC-ID and Power Meter and have been playing around to see what speed maps work best but I think just setting at a certain psi at all mph yields better results. I think it is mainly for 2wd cars so they can run less boost at lower mph and higher boost once they get traction at higher mph.

Does anyone have the Power Meter and had success with a speed map for our cars?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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