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Paddle Shifters...

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i bought a used 2015 subaru wrx with 17k miles, and i couldnt be happier with my decision. before i bought it i took it for a test drive and the salesman mentioned paddle shifters and let me try them out. i was quite amazed with the function. now my question, when is the most ideal time to used them and how often should you use them??
thanks in advance!!
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The only practical time I can think of to use them is downshifting before passing.
Use them to your hearts content. The car shouldn't allow you to shift in any stupid way that would harm the drivetrain.

Ive had more than a few people tell me that they never use the manual shift selection in their automatic. I always thought it was a silly gimmick so you can pretend you have a dual clutch trasmission like in a Ferrari or a Golf.

I have heard really great things about the CVT in your car though. I'd recomend letting your trasmission do what it wants most of the time.
In all honestly I always thought paddles were for two kinds of people: 1. The person who isn't able to drive a manual due to injuries or their parents (for example a youngsters first car) 2. (And this one isn't really all that important and more humoruous than anything) Auto manufacturers saying "Oh you wanted a manual? Sorry fresh out, we do have this cool new thing called paddles that makes it 'feel' like a manual."

Honestly its personal preference, I used the semi-auto option in my mazda 3 almost all the time just because I could shift it myself and with me shifting I got better gas mileage. Everyone has their own preference. For the record the mazda was a semi-auto due to option 1. It was my first car and my parents didn't trust with a manual, also my parents don't own any manual cars anymore, mainly because my dad has bad knees and can't drive 'em like he did when I was a wee lad. lol.
I say if its there, why not use it? If it was going to kill the transmission faster they wouldn't of put it on there, honestly. Use it to your hearts content the computer will keep you from downshifting your car to oblivion anyways so just have fun with it. Thats my $0.02 for what its worth. Enjoy the car, it'll serve you well for a long while.
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I had a paddle shifter in me WRX for a short time.

It was rather clumsy to use. Looked great though! :p


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I also use my paddle shifters to down shift when coming to a stop. They are fun to play with as well.
I have to continue the legacy, I laughed so hard when I saw this
I have the same set up - 15 WRX with CVT. I use the paddle shifters when defending some of the steeper hills in PA and through the mountains. I play around with them when I feel like it, but for the most part I just put it in S# and let the CVT do what it does best.

Either way, enjoy the ride and use it however you want.
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