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P&L Motorsports or Turn In Concepts

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I'm trying to get a general consensus and am looking to do parts install/tuning on my 2016 WRX CVT. The current plan is to take everything to P&L and have JR do the tuning. I have about equal distance/time to P&L and TiC. Let's say both quotes being equal. Any reason to consider one over the other? I'm not personally familiar with either shop, FWIW.
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Both are reputable.
Because I'm a fan boy of turn in concepts
Between the communication process, the quoting process (and format - itemized list) and overall cost, P&L is getting the business from me. They've earned it. FWIW.
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Reactions: 1 regrets so far. I was in and out of there pretty quick. Dropped my car off Monday morning and they were done installing everything and tuning by 10-11PM that night. Ended up driving back home Tuesday afternoon and even cancelled the last night at the hotel. Saved money!
They explained everything thoroughly and showed me all the installs. All the lines/hoses were run logically and well buttoned up...looks clean. Tune went well. Unfortunately I didn't get to watch it since it was done after hours. Oh well.
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