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Overheating Problems

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Hey guys, been dealing with an overheating issue for a while now. Temp's gotten as high as 250-something, anytime I've driven it. It started this spring, out of the blue. At first I thought the coolant was low, so I added more to the reservoir. Eventually the engine would get too hot again. Recently this summer, I've completely changed the coolant and burped the system more than once, and had no luck. This week I just finished replacing the waterpump, hoses, and radiator. (New: Gates waterpump and radiator hoses, OEM waterpump bypass hoses, Mishimoto aluminum radiator). Refilled and burped again. I just drove it for the first time after replacing the parts, and it overheated again. I don't know whats wrong, or what to do next. What do you guys think?
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Was the coolant low? You mentioned your thoughts, not the coolant level. Did you pressure test the system?
How can I pressure test the system?
Rent or borrow a pressure tester with a rad fitting appropriate for your car, and follow the directions. Essentially you'll manually apply roughly 1300 millibar pressure to the system and look for juice.
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