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Hey everyone, trying to help my friend sell his Durango. He commutes to Denver now and is making crappy money since graduation (funny how that works) so he needs to sell the truck.

Price is now $7500!

here is the info on it:

Make: Dodge Durango
Color: Silver/Gray Leather Interior
Year: 1998
Mileage: 93,000
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 5.9L V8
* The car has a seating capacity for 7 people with seat belts. The mileage on the car is mostly freeway miles. I have driven back and forth to San Jose, CA about 10 times during college.

Blue book is like $10,500

Never had a mech. problem.

This guy is from CA about 30 min. from me, I've known him all four years of school and he is always on top of everything in his life, including car maintenance. I always made fun of him saying his car was too clean. He babied it and I know he never offroaded it cause he is a p*ssy, lol.

His name is Chris, 720-635-2653

Thanks everyone.
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