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I succesfuly installed the sensor and gauges and now i am getting as i say...funny readings?

The oil pressure is a little bit high??
Cold Idle: 7.0 Bar (approx 101.5 PSI) .

Warm Idle: 2.6-3 Bar (approx. 38-43PSI) - does tend to fluctuate above & below these figures slightly - depending on temps etc.

Warm - Anything over 1800 - 2000RPM: 7.0 Bar (approx 101.5 PSI)

But than i get temperatures around 100-105 celsius(210-221 F) when driving normally and 107-110 (225F) when driving over 65mph. Is this normal? Does the location of the oil temp sender over the 3 cylinder affect the readout?

I have a 02 wrx wagon.The water temp is spot on all the time.

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