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OEM Roof Rack on 2017 STI

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Good morning all. From digging around it appears that the only option for a roof rack on 2015+ is an aftermarket system. Looking closer at my car last night I noticed what looks like the OEM mounts under the black strips on both sides of the roof. I'm thinking that an older OEM Rack might be able to mount up after noticing this. Has anyone done this successfully? I'd prefer the cleaner look without the brackets that hook under the roof edge. Thanks!
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Take a peak under the black strips on the roof. On my 2017 STI it appears the have oem mounts underneath but no small access caps to remove. There could be a possibility that an oem rack could work with a little fineness.
Have you installed the roof rack on this OEM mounting point?
I haven't. I noticed you popped off the black strip. Have you tried to mount a rack?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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