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Hello everyone,

I've searched this topic quite a bit, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for. I have a 2014 WRX Sedan, and need to replace the brake pads and possibly rotors. My car has 74,000 miles on it, and I searched online for OEM pads and rotors and found parts.subaru to offer the cheapest price. I chose the pick up locally option, and for all pads and rotors I get a total of $445.15.

That seems expensive for brakes that I still need to do myself. I daily drive my car, this is the first time I'm ever replacing the brakes on this car (had this car since 3,000 miles). So I'm sure based off my mileage I NEED to replace rotors.

Every post on here people talk about tracking their car, or using it in a aggressive way and recommend these high performance brakes when I believe for my case I don't need em. I literally just daily my car, occasionally drive it fast on an off ramp, that's it.

Questions I have; should I stick to OEM? If so, is that price I posted my best bet? What aftermarket brakes do you recommend that's still quality but cost less than OEM? Should I just resurface my rotors (if possible)? I'm located in Long Beach, CA.

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