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Hi Guys/Girls,

I have a 2003 WRX that has developed a high pitched screeching sound from it's front right brake disc and pads. I don't believe it's the "low pad level" indicator - as I have over 6 mm on the pads! (at least outside pad).

The sound is there when I'm not breaking, driving in a straight line, comes and goes (more emphasis on the "comes" and present!).

When I compare the front right disc to my front left disc - it appears that the right one is scored in several places (but it's still smooth to the touch). I've only checked the outside of the disc ...

Just wondering if anyone else has encountered this issue? A mechanic I spoke to, believed it could be a build up of brake dust - as it's as though the pads are "sticking" to my disc (so I've been blasting it with loads of water!). Mind you, I first noticed the "screech" in the summer - where I thought it could have been a stone (stuck in the caliper) - but the screech went away by itself (to return in winter, with a-vengeance!).

My front discs and pads were brand new just under four years ago (OE quality ones), and I'm not a heavy braker (preferring to slow down through the gears instead). In terms of performance, they have seemed (up till now) better than the original stock discs and pads.

BTW: I'm intending to get some new discs and pads (but not, if that's not what's causing the screech).

The mechanic did tell me that the disc was red hot (I took his word for it - as his finger seemed to prove the point).
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