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Car: 05 STI
Mileage: 94000
Mods: Stage 1 tune
Invidia Cat Back

When I run the A/C a weird grinding sound (like a gear in a transmission grinding) will go for a split second and then go away. Happens every so often with the A/C running and I feel a loss in power for a split second durring this sound as well. Happens 4 or 5 times on my way home from work.

I was told the compressor isnt working. They tested the low side and they said it was too low. Feel like this is a cop out when they dont know what else it is. They want about $1200 to fix it. (Live in Arizona and middle of summer)

Quesiton #1: Any idea what this sound is?
Quesiton #2: How hard is it to changing a compressor really? If I can do it myself if its relatively easy I do not mind spending a saturday working on it.

Anything helps! Thanks!

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I'd guess the loss of power is normal as your compressor cycles on/off. But the grinding sound could only be the compressor going. Usually you will hear a squealing belt, though. Actually swapping the compressor is not hard. But doing it proper and collecting the refrigerant and then recharging it requires special equipment.
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