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Hey folks!

I am selling my STI Shifter Trim and STI Aluminum badge, both real genuine STI items as a swap..

I am selling the STI Shifter Trim & STI badge both *installed* on this WRX Center console piece, *however* I need your stock center console as replacement.

Fits all 02-04 WRX.

I will only do this trade if your Center console is in good condition like mine pictured above.

So.. if you want the STI shifter trim and not so sure about how to install the STI shifter trim since it requires dremel and cutting plastic off your center console, then this is a great deal to swap center consoles and you get a JDM STI badge.

It takes less than 2 minutes to do the swap job..

STI Shifter trim sells brand new for $75

I am only asking for $90, 1 hour of work involved with getting the trim installed on the console as well as the STI plate badge ($30 value)

email: [email protected]
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