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I googled all the problems im having right now and found some threads from various forums but havent found a solution because people that are
responding to the thread ended up arguing about "you can still pass even with 2 rejected monitors" thats why i tried posting here and maybe find some help :)

WRX 2016
19200 miles
Stage 2+ (Invidia catless jpipe, ETS extreme catback, Cobb Big SF Intake) (Recently, last month)
Clifford remote start

SO i went to 2 different shops now to get smog so that i can register my wrx but both shops rejected it and said the same thing evap & oxy sensor is not ready.
They told me to drive for an hour and see if it will work so i did but it did not work and my wrx is still getting rejected and i need to register the car in a couple days.

Is it because im tuned?
Will it work if i reflash the stock tune without removing my stage 2+ mods?
Do i have to put all the stock parts back to get approved?
Bad sensor that needs to get replaced?

Im not sure on how can i fix this really quick so i ask you people.

And also, I have a "System too rich" which makes my idle really ugly. If you guys could help me with this too, i will appreciate it :D

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Well actually i have po172 since last year, took it to the dealer and they said they cant fix it because the odb port wont work and im like wtf? but when they gave the car back to me it looks like they just delete the code, again, wtf? lol
And then after my rejected smog, i did not plug my accessport back in, i went home and i forgot to buy something so i start the car and the start was really ugly like it could not breath but the car still started and then i reverse from the driveway, and put to 1st gear
and i felt the car is about to stall when i slightly release the clutch to move forward and then the cel came on, i plug the accessport to see what it was and its the same code p0172

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1. Check on Cobb's site whether you can set your sensors to "ready." If the answer is unclear, CALL them.

2. Troubleshoot a PO172 like you would a PO171. Intake leak, fuel pressure regulator, etc. If you have a BOV, that'll cause it sometimes too. Have a search on the forum for PO172, I've seen it before and I've seen it solved before but that was many beers ago.

I wonder though if you've got the right map for your mods. Double check please the map notes to make sure.
Im pretty sure i got the right map because its already in the accessport and all i have to do is choose it to accomodate whatever i just installed. I guess i have to get a moving permit then coz i have to register the car by tuesday :(
I don't know if the accessport shows sensor status or the answer to your problem.

But I do know to help you out in troubleshooting and keeping you out of the smog shop until you're ready (pun intended)

You can buy a cheap Obd2 Bluetooth plug in on eBay/amaon etc and use an app (free on android just search Obd2) or a few $ on iPhone to communicate with that sensor. From there, you can set it up to show sensor status.

May help you since sensors only display ready after they have successfully run their emissions check and confirm everything is good (or you force it via tuning if possible as SD_GR suggested).

I know typically it can take 60-75 miles of driving for the sensors to finish a cycle and display ready after a reset.

Good luck!
correct me if im wrong but are u saying i can "ready" it with odb2 bluetooth from the app?

Do you guys think that it would pass if i install back my stock parts because i still have them?
I also found some thread saying that a tuner can "force ready" the sensors by giving them a copy of your map and they have to just "enable" something? is this true?
if so, well im fck lol theres no reliable tuner here at reno nv and the nearest one is in sacramento which is 2hrs away and dont have time to drive because of work shcedule :(

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Correct ME if I'm wrong, but if you're catless, you're not going to pass an inspection regardless?
Yes I'm catless
This means you're not sure.

What do the map notes say?

If you return the car to stock and use a stock map, then yes you'll pass.
It's a figure of speech, what I really meant by that is I'm sure. Anyway I guess I'll just do that go back to stock and smog it then if I pass put everything back again
The note says stage2+: for Cobb intake with air box and aftermarket downpipe (jpipe) or Cobb downpipe and restrictor pill must be removed. That's it nothing else.
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