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Not how you want to start a week..2011 STI


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Dang, what happened?

Air leak TGV housing..getting torque solutions top feed TGV delete kit

Air leak RH lower intake manifold gasket..getting new gasket

Air leak from PCV

Engine mounts shot..getting new ones

Air leak from factory boost controller..getting Grimmspeed STI 3 port EBCS

Oil pan leak..replace repair with also with Killer B ultimate oil pick up

Procom Racing big oil filter kit

New front axle seal

New rear main engine seal

New Exedy race clutch

New flywheel

Crawford TMIC air/oil separator

Torque solutions air pump emulator kit

New evaporators purge solenoid

Cobb Accessport V3

Procom tune


So just some stuff..


At Procom racing in NJ

So all this new stuff and just for reference it already has
Blouch 1.5 Dom turbo
Perrin cold air
1000 ID injectors
Perrin equal length headers
Perrin full exhaust
Tail external wastegate
Wedsports wheels

And so much more

This dam thing better run 12,s lol

Bought it and drive it a whole 40 miles so far

Dam money pit..worse then my Grand National was..

Such is life with heavy modded cars

Have a happy holiday guys..and thanks for looking
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