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Non Subaru wings/spoilers that look good on a WRX.

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I've been interested in a adding a wing to my 2011 WRX sedan. Most of the available wings are modeled after the STI wing. I like the STI wing look, but I want something a little smaller and unique. I kind of like the look of the Acura Integra type R wings or something similar, some of the Honda wings I lite too. Does anyone have any good ideas for spoilers from different cars that might look good and fit the WRX? Pictures would be great. It would be great if I can find something I like that I can pick up at an auto wrecker for cheap. Thanks.
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This is going to look like ****, dude. The STI spoiler looks the way it does, because it's functional. If you put a non factory spoiler on your WRX with distinct round features, it's going to look queer. I always thought the factory 2011 WRX spoiler looked beefy without looking dumb.
The sti wing doesn't even look particularly good. Iconic maybe, but not good.

Nobody can answer "what looks best" that's all up to you.

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Saying the spoiler is functional is an overstatement. Unless you spend a disproportionate amount of time at very high speeds, spoilers just add drag and look cool. The main reason I don't like the STI wing is due to it's size, I want a cool wing about half that size. The Acura wing was just an example, I wanted to see if anyone here has added a non Subaru wing, or what some good looking options are. I'm not apposed to getting a wing made specifically for my car but all the ones I've found are STI clones or little lip spoilers.
Lmfao. Just be sure to post pictures to see all of the "love" you will receive. Seriously. I vote for an old school mitsubishi eclipse wing. It will look awesome. Put one on your hood, too.
I'm interested as well, ignore ZACH, he needs to take a prozac to calm down. I'm sure there are several wings that would look miles better than the OEM park bench. Let us know what you find.
I really dig the GTR wing. Obviously an OEM one would be impossible to come by in the states. I did find some Japanese listings for under $100 before import fees (probably another $100 or so). I might pick up a clone to see how it looks and the mods that would need to be done before returning it. I've worked with fiberglass modeling before so I know I can shape it and chop it if needed. It still might look dumb but it's 80% there for what I'm looking for.

Here's a pic of one on a Toyota
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LOL. Look how rad this JDM S206 spoiler is. I'm in love with it's appearance and it fits my 2011 perfectly, so I'm looking for something like it now. It's the perfect size and is not too flashy. Of course there are no clones and the originals were limited release in Japan only and impossible to get.

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There are clones of the S204 wing and I like it more than all other options I've found yet. It would most likely fit my 2011 with very little modification.

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The GTR one will not work because all the available US wings are overpriced AF. It would also take a lot of mods and it's not worth the risk if it looks dumb.
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Oh my god. Love batman but this thing is hideous. If I saw someone driving around with this... well... I don't know...

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