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non-removable hose clamps in 2017 STi

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Hi All, while I was installing Grimmspeed AOS on my 2017 STi, I realized there were these non-removable hose clamps installed by Subaru. It had no tabs or lips that I could grab on to. Do you guys have any ideas how to remove them? Thanks.


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Might be an oetiker clamp but I don't see any tab from when it was punched...When I have run into them on other vehicles I use cutting pliers or even a gentle touch with a cutting wheel to take them off.

I've also seen people just pull and they come off with some force.

To reinstall just use a std hose clamp or buy a kit from Amazon for that oem look
Oetiker 18500060 Stepless 1-Ear Clamp Kit (Stepless Ear Clamps, stainless steel with standard jaw pincer)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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