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hi, i'm new to this forum, i just bought a wrx wagon 2004 with 134,xxx miles on it
this is going to be my first tutorial, so give me feedback**

problem: everytime i enter my car and pull my seat belt, i hear a very anoying hissing like sound. It does for the driver and passenger seat belt only.

target: 02~07 imprezas? they all have the same or similar trims

level of difficulty: easy

tools needed: a cutter, and a fork ((trim tool) optional)

pictures are token for the passenger side

1. open both front passenger and rear passenger doors
2. start removing the rubber that cover the edge of the doors
2012-04-07 15.06.16.jpg
2012-04-07 15.06.29.jpg
3. unclip the bottom trim of both doors with the *fork* or simply pull them with your hand ;)
the front passenger bottom trim is holded with 3 clips and 2 pins (no need to completely removing them)
2012-04-07 15.06.49.jpg
2012-04-07 15.07.03.jpg
4. now remove the last pin located around the middle of the rear passenger door that hold the trim in place. (no picture)
5. remove the trim!
2012-04-07 15.07.40.jpg
2012-04-07 15.08.23.jpg
6. put the trim on some cloth to avoid scratching it and the hissing noise is made from the friction of the seat belt to the 3 rear tablets. So use your cutter and start cutting them off :D (don't hurt yourself* be careful using the cutter)
2012-04-07 15.09.20.jpg
2012-04-07 15.10.51.jpg
2012-04-07 15.10.57.jpg
7. reinstall everything backward and for the bottom trim of each door make sure the clip are aligned with the hole. those are really fragile, so make sure the seat well before clipping them or else you'll need a new one

thanks for reading and give me feedbacks! ;) ;)

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I wondered what my seatbelt was rubbing on...
Nice tutorial. I don't think you have to pull off the rubber though. I've pulled off some of my door jam pillar plastic before and don't remember the rubber being and issue. I think I removed the top pieces though...
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