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I drive a stock 5 speed WRX Wagon with 5400 miles on the odo. Until recently my car has been solid and free of squeeks, rattle and other unwelcome noises. I do most of my driving on the freeway, but last week I had occasion to do a lot of stop and go driving in the city.

Now, when I drive in parking lots or in town I notice a low frequency noise which seems to be coming from the rear end when the car is accelerating or braking at low speeds (stop & go). This sounds like it is coming from the passenger side rear strut. It sound like there is a loose part or something occasionally hitting the sheet metal.

My dealer service manager drove my car and said he could not hear the noise. Obviously I should have gone for the drive with him to draw his attention to this intermittent sound. I will do this at my 7.5k service.

I will appreciate your input as to what may be the cause of this sound. Please let me know if you have experienced this problem -- and what is the solution.


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